Because our Mesonet is located in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico, we are offered the unique opportunity to collaborate with wind energy groups seeking out renewable energy in our region. Each Mesonet Tower is equipped with an RM Young Wind Monitor at 10 meters that samples wind speed and direction data once every three seconds. Our data archive contains 5-minute means of the 3-second measurements as well as the peak 3-second measurement, or gust, during each 5-minute interval. A second wind sensor, an RM Young 3-cup Wind Sentry, is located at the 2 meter level and samples at the same interval as the Wind Monitor. 5-minute means of the 2-meter wind speed are also recorded in our data archive.

The length of the data archive for a given station will vary depending on how long the site has been online. In most cases, data archives exist for several years, and can be obtained by contacting us. Also see our Wind Roses and Wind Data Summary pages for historical wind data records.

RM Young Wind Sensors

The Green Mountain Wind Park in Fluvanna, TX.

The Fluvanna West Texas Mesonet station with the Green Mountain Wind Park in the near distance.

The Macy Ranch (Graham) West Texas Mesonet station located on the edge of the Caprock.