The West Texas Mesonet station at McLean was directly impacted by a tornado at 8:35 p.m. CDT on March 28, 2007. A peak instanataneous wind gust (sampled every three seconds) of 127 mph was recorded along with a pressure fall of 9 mb as can be seen with other station data in the meteogram below.

A damage survey of the site was conducted on the afternoon of March 29, 2007 and some pictures from that evaluation can also been seen below. These photos are provided by Dr. John Schroeder.

West Texas Mesonet tower located at McLean following the passage of a tornado to its west.

Two of three guy wires were pulled out of the ground during the event. This was the only damage sustained by the station.

Minor to moderate tree damage located 200 - 300 meters west of the WTM site. The station can be seen in the background.

Damaged barn located 300 meters north of the station.

Tree and roof damage to a residence located 1.2 km south-southwest of the station.

Failed Texas Department of Transportation roadside station tower located 1.25 km south-southwest of the McLean WTM station. The aparatus was no longer in use.