New weather kiosk with WTM data at the Guadalupe Mountains National Park - Visitor Center!!!

This kiosk is a partnership with the following groups:

Guadalupe Mountains National Park - National Park Service
National Weather Service Midland
National Weather Service Lubbock
National Weather Service Southern Region Headquarters

More specific mesonet site information can be found here.

The West Texas Mesonet: 63 stations, 43 counties, 2 states, 2 time zones.

Photo of WTM station number 60 located at Pine Springs. Photo looking west at El Capitan on the left (at 8100 feet) and Guadalupe Peak in the center-background (at 8751 feet...the highest point in Texas). WTM GUMO station elevation is 5571 feet.

GOOGLE map overlay (looking north-northwest) showing the Guadalupe Mountains with respect to the KGDP Guadalupe Pass ASOS station and the WTM GUMO station near the National Park visitor center and staff housing. The KGDP ASOS is located on the Delaware Mountains (4 miles south of GUMO) just south of the main pass. For most frontal passage and gradient wind events, the KGDP station will have higher average wind speeds due to it's location with respect to terrain flow.

GOOGLE map overlay (looking west-northwest) showing the main peaks. The WTM GUMO station in the main path of severe mountain wave wind events that hit the national park every few years. Wind speeds above 100 mph are not uncommon during these events. The GUMO station uses a digital cell modem for communications. We are hoping this will work better during the extreme wind events. Satellite and landline phone communications tend to fail during the heavy wind events at the park. The cell tower we are using is located west of the park in Dell City.

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