Welcome ROMERO 11SSW...New West Texas Mesonet station now online...Oldham County, Texas!

New WTM station...BRAV...looking northwest...station is 11 miles south-southwest of the town of Romero...about 42 miles southwest of Dalhart, Texas.

WTM station #118 now online and data in all products and feeds...Romero, Texas. Station is located in far northwest Oldham County on the Bravo Ranch (east of Nara Visa, New Mexico). Special thanks to the Bravo Ranch..and to the National Weather Service folks in Amarillo and Lubbock for helping to build this station.

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The West Texas Mesonet: 118 stations, 75 counties, 3 states, 2 time zones....

GOOGLE image of WTM station #118 Romero 11SSW (BRAV)...Oldham County, Texas.

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