Free Android APP for West Texas Mesonet real-time data!!!

Click on image for direct link to Google Play and Android APP for WTM Data.

DISCLAIMER: A third party has developed a free Android APP for real-time WTM data. The APP is provided free to any individual or group using an Android device. The West Texas Mesonet does not make any warranties, either expressed or implied, as to the quality and accuracy of the data. The West Texas Mesonet and Texas Tech University shall not be liable for any costs, claims, and suits arising from the use of any APP containing West Texas Mesonet data.

HELPFUL HINTS (Version 1.0, Build 2): Please uninstall any older versions of the West Texas Mesonet App:

After install, select a station by typing name: (some newer stations may not be in this build version!!!)

Current WTM stations at this link: WTM Station MAP. Add up to four stations on the screen or more if you scroll down. Top Right: + adds a new station in interactive mode. Hit Circle/Arrows to REFRESH for most current data. Tap and hold to remove a station from the list.

Left Data: Current Temp (deg F) on far left with 24-hour High and Low Temperature...sunrise and sunset for mesonet location located on bottom.
Middle Data: 10-meter wind speed and direction with gusts; Altimeter in inches (with steady, rising or falling arrow); and rainfall in inches last 24 hours.
Right Data: Current Dewpoint (deg F) and current relative humidity in %.

Click on station display to get data plots/graphs, National Weather Service forecasts, NWS radar products and more!!!

The West Texas Mesonet: 88 stations, 60 counties, 2 states, 2 time zones...and now an APP !

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