In partnership with the City of Amarillo, we are proud to announce a new WTM station in Potter online....Amarillo 9NNE (Amarillo North - River Road)!!!

"78". Thank you to the city of Amarillo and NWS AMA/LUB for helping.

New WTM station...Amarillo 9 miles NNE...looking northwest.

WTM station #78 now online and data in all products and feeds...Amarillo North.

More specific mesonet site information can be found here.

The West Texas Mesonet: 78 stations, 54 counties, 2 states, 2 time zones....

Construction of the Amarillo North station (AMAN) in Potter County...October 2013. Photo Credit: NWS LUB/John Lipe.

GOOGLE image of WTM station #78 (AMAN) Amarillo 9NNE. New station is 9 miles northwest of Amarillo International/NWS AMA...15 miles north of the Amarillo Southeast WTM station.

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