Red Flag Warning Criteria from the National Weather Service Lubbock:

  • 1. Three hours of 20 mph or greater sustained winds at 20 ft. AGL -OR- wind gusts of 35 mph or greater at 20 ft. AGL

  • 2. Relative Humidity values at/or below 15%.

  • 3. The National Fire Danger/Wildland Fire Index must be in the HIGH range or greater.

  • Using West Texas Mesonet Data for Fire Weather

    West Texas Mesonet stations have a variety of sensors that can help with both forecasting and evaluating real-time fire weather threats. Each station has two anemometers at 2 and 10 meters AGL (6.5 and 33 ft., respectively). Wind speed and direction data are displayed every 5 minutes on our web pages as average and peak gust values. New station installations starting in 2011 will have 20-ft anemometers that will measure one-minute wind speeds for fire weather interests.

    Each station has three temperature probes at 1.5, 2, and 9 meters AGL (5, 6.5, and 30 ft., respectively). Temperature data from these sensors are available every 5 minutes also. Relative Humidity data from a height of 1.5 meters (5 ft.) are available every 5 minutes as well. Click our PLAIN LANGUAGE OBSERVATIONS PAGE to look at current data and see if Fire Weather Conditions are occurring in your area.

    On the Plain Language Observations page, individual station data related to fire weather will change color to notify you when Red Flag conditions are occurring.

    RED FLAG OBSERVATIONS show a graphical representation of Current Fire Weather Conditions.

    Additional Red Flag graphics are also available HERE.

    Often times METEOGRAMS can be useful in following fire weather trends for different meteorological parameters through the course of a day. Just click on any individual station for a 24-hour time series.

    SOIL TEMPERATURE AND WATER CONTENT DATA may also be useful in fire weather. Additional fire weather and agricultural data are also available on our main West Texas Mesonet Homepage and through the Lubbock National Weather Service's Fire Weather Page.

  • See images and data from the Tahoka Grass Fire on 22 November 2005.

  • See images and data from the Pitchfork Ranch Wildfire on May 8th, 2011.

  • These products would not be available without the help of John Lipe at the National Weather Service Office in Lubbock.

    National Weather Service Lubbock