Very high CAPE and a boundary...West Texas tornado formation... Two supercell thunderstorms formed in the Rolling Plains during the afternoon hours of May 23rd, 2013. The initial supercell formed east of Floydada on the caprock escarpment/outflow boundary...generating several landspout tornadoes and large hail reports in the Cedar Hill and Dougherty region of Floyd County. A second, stronger storm formed in Motley/Dickens Counties on the same boundary. This storm would eventually moved south on the boundary and produced very large hail and an EF-1 tornado in SE Dickens and NE Kent County. Severe straight-line winds rushed out of this storm hitting the Spur/Girard/Jayton regions of Dickens and Kent Counties. The mesonet station at Jayton 1S recorded a peak gust to 92 mph at 5:05 pm CDT...with a fifteen minute period of winds averaging 60 mph. The individual storms would congeal into an severe MCS system the moved south and southeast into the eastern Permian Basin and Big Country toward sunset. Torrential rain/hail and severe winds hit the Snyder/Roby/Haskell regions with the Weinert 2NNE station hitting 81 mph and the Snyder station hitting 73 mph. Severe winds would continue into the Abilene and Sweetwater/Colorado City areas around sunset...with winds above 80 mph.

Visible satellite imagery at 7:55 pm on May 23rd, 2013...overshooting tops of embedded supercell thunderstorms across Texas...note the individual stratospheric cloud-top plumes in the Big Country region.

Base reflectivity radar loop (LUB) for 4-5:15 pm CDT on May 23rd, 2013. XJTS is the Jayton 1S WTM station.


WTM meteogram plots for the Severe Weather of May 23rd, 2013...WTM stations: Jayton, Snyder, Haskell and Knox City. Click on plot for larger image.

NWS Lubbock Case Study for May 23rd, 2013...Severe Winds/Tornado: CLICK HERE!