A persistent plume of moisture from the tropics inundated the Permian Basin/Big Bend and South Plains region of West Texas during late June and early July of 2010. Additional tropical moisture from Hurricane Alex created torrential rainfall in the Lubbock area from late on July 1st through early morning of July 4th. WTM stations in Terry, Lubbock, Garza, and Lynn Counties exceeded 9 inches with a peak total at the O'Donnell station of over 10 inches. Substantial urban and field flooding closed roads in the Lubbock, Ropesville, Wolfforth, Post, and Brownfield communities. Rapid rises in the Brazos River basin occurred on July 4th with road closures on two main roads in Garza County due to river flooding and Highway 87 in Lynn County due to field/draw flooding. A four-foot rise was reported at White River Lake (Crosby County) with an eight-foot rise in water levels at Lake Alan Henry (Garza County).


Images of the flooding on the Double Mountain Fork of the Brazos River near Justiceburg in Garza County on July 4th, 2010. Click on thumbnail for larger image. Credit: Bruce Haynie, NWS Lubbock.


Images of the flooding near Brownfield in Terry County. 10-12 inches of rain fell in Lost and Sulfur Draws in northwest Terry County resulting in flooding in and near Brownfield on July 4th, 2010. Click on thumbnail for larger image. Credit: JW.


Flooding on Highway 87 north of O'Donnell 72 hours after the rain ended....Brazos River (Double Mountain Fork upper reaches) on FM669 in southern Garza County; portions of FM669 were washed away closing the road. Click on thumbnail for larger image. Credit: BH.

KLBB Lubbock radar base reflectivity loop from 8 pm-12 am CDT on July 3rd-4th, 2010. Mesoscale Convective Vortex (MCV) feature generated torrential rainfall rates in Terry, Lubbock, and Lynn Counties.


NWS Storm Total Precip for Lubbock and Midland radars through 18Z on July 4th, 2010.

Water vapor image from midnight on July 4th, 2010 showing heavy rain over central South Plains of West Texas. Image Courtesy: Greg Thompson, UCAR.

Click here for four-day water vapor satellite loop (July 1st to July 4th, 2010). Images Courtesy: Greg Thompson, UCAR.

West Texas Mesonet data for the heavy rains on July 3rd-4th, 2010. Meteograms are in standard time. Click on the thumbnails for a larger image.

REESE CENTER - Lubbock County

ANTON 6SSW - Hockley County

POST 1SSW - Garza County

GRAHAM 5SSW - Garza County

WOLFFORTH 6SSW - Lubbock County

Click here for National Weather Service Lubbock link for July 3rd-4th, 2010 Heavy Rain Event.