A strong upper-level disturbance generated high-based convection over New Mexico/Texas during the afternoon hours of December 8th. These storms mixed strong mid-level winds down to the surface resulting in a wall of dust and severe wind gusts from Lea County into the Lubbock area.

Initial wall of dust approaching the TTU WISE field site at Reese Center in western Lubbock County. Photo Credit: Frank Lombardo.

The following images are from the TTU WISE 200-meter tower at Reese Center. Wind data (u-v-w anemometers) are displayed for eight different levels on the tower. Higher wind speeds can be seen descending down the tower levels as rain began to fall around 4:45 pm. Click on the thumbnails for a larger image. Credit: Frank Lombardo, TTU IGERT.

Tumbleweed migration on the runways at Reese Center during the afternoon of December 8th. Photo Credit: BCM.

Sunset at Reese Center with mammatus highlighted. Photo Credit: Amanda Thibault.

Many West Texas Mesonet stations sampled the duststorm and high winds. Meteograms are in standard time. Click on the thumbnails for a larger image.

REESE CENTER - Lubbock County

PLAINS 3N - Yoakum County

MORTON 1ENE - Cochran County

SUNDOWN 8WSW - Cochran County

Selected WTM High Wind Reports for December 8, 2008