The following images show before and after pictures of the Double Mountain Fork of the Brazos River on the Macy Ranch in southwest Garza County in July 2010. Torrential rain on July 3rd and 4th dumped 1 to 1.5 feet of rain on the headwaters of the DMF Brazos River. Historic Flooding at the headwaters of Stewart Lake in eastern Lynn County and down the narrow channel of the Brazos River to Lake Alan Henry and eventually Possum Kingdom Lake in north Texas. The WTM station at Macy Ranch (Graham 5SSW) is located above this river on the caprock escarpment. All images credit: John Lipe, NWS Lubbock.


Looking west and northwest toward the headwaters of the DMF of the Brazos River. Before: normal river during the wet season. After: 2.5 weeks after the historic flood...road gone, river substantially wider.


Looking east towards FM669. Before: normal river during the wet season. After: Rock, old river bed, and many miles of fencing gone.


Before: NWS employees that would have been under water during the flood. After: The power of a flash flood...and now a really wide river channel.