It's back!!! We are operating the Vaisala LAP-3000 Boundary Layer Profiler at Reese Center (12 miles west of Lubbock, TX) in real-time (LBKTX). We are currently running twenty-minute scans for wind and temperature (RASS-virtual temperature) at 60-meter bin spacing for wind speed and direction below 2 km above ground level.... and 200-meter bin spacing from 600-meters to 6 km AGL (temperature data from 160-meters to 1.6 km AGL). The initial bin starts at 150-meters above ground level (AGL). Real-time data is now available on the FSL MADIS web site.

FSL MADIS Web page that will plot Reese Profiler Data:

Lubbock (REESE CENTER), Texas - LBKTX - click!

Suggested options for looking at the Reese plots:

Click on Site Name or Map Image - LBKTX
View Option: Wind Profiles for Wind Barb plots, Rass Temperature for Temp or RASS and Winds for both.
QC option - Pass Level I is all data...Pass Level II is bad data removed (recommended)...
Preset option: Latest Day (recommended) or Latest Week for 7-day plot
Plot Size: XL 2000X1500 (recommended)
Max Height for wind data is 6 km AGL, Change Height above to Ground Level....Click on get plot or auto generating plot...

Photo of the WTM Boundary Layer Profiler at Reese Center (12 miles west of Lubbock).

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